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Concrete Foundation
problems with concrete slab foundations
Regardless of the type or how you build a concrete foundation, the most common problem facing homeowners and contractors is a concrete foundation crack. A concrete foundation crack is perfectly normal as 66% of all concrete foundations crack within the first year. The major reason for cracks is concrete shrinkage and a settling concretefoundation.


Coatings, Cracks and a Concrete Foundation
concrete foundation form ties
A concrete foundation is under enormous pressure from the earth and hydrostatic headwater pressure. Your waterproofing material must protect any cracks in your concrete foundation. When it comes to protecting a concrete foundation you only have one chance to build a concrete foundation right the first time.

Typical Spray-on-coatings may take from 12-72 hours or longer to fully cure. However, a concrete foundation may take up to 60 days before it reaches maximum strength. When a coating is applied to a concrete foundation it may seal in moisture, which could result in the concrete foundation taking longer than necessary to cure. Most contractors are under extreme pressure to meet deadlines and its not uncommon for a coating and backfill to be completed before the 7-day concrete foundation curing time has passed. This can cause many problems in your concrete foundation most notably, cracks.

leaking concrete foundation

building a poured concrete foundation
An improperly protected
and leaking concrete

When a coating is applied, it's wet and prone to streaking and sagging. In some cases a concrete foundation is backfilled before the coating is cured. If this happens, the backfill material could become stuck to the soil and could cause your waterproofing material to settle with the backfill material, especially in the winter. In addition, once a coating has dried it might crack with the concrete foundation leaving a gap and free access for moisture. This would defeat the purpose of the coating on your concrete foundation in the first place. In the case of a coating that has an elastic content, think of a balloon. When you stretch it, it becomes weaker. One minor sharp pebble could pierce it once again leaving your concrete foundation defenseless. In both cases coatings may dissipate into the soil in just 5-15 years due to alkalines in both the concrete foundation and soils.

concrete foundation wrap for a concrete foundation
Protect your concrete foundation against cracks. What your concrete foundation does need is waterproofing protection that can bridge gaps, cracks voids and allow the settling of your concrete foundation without affecting its performance. It also needs to be "cured" and working the moment it has been applied. What your home needs is concrete foundation concrete mixer. Just a few of benefits of concrete foundation plans dimpled membrane are:

  • Bridges gaps, cracks, voids and honeycombs without affecting performance
  • Allows your home to shift and settle
  • Eliminates 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure off the face of the wall
  • It's impervious to alkalines in concrete and soils
  • The E.P.A. estimates that it will last 300 years buried
  • Can be backfilled right away
  • Does not seal moisture in the concrete foundation or your home
  • Allows your home to breathe
  • Backed by a 40 year warranty
protected concrete foundation

concrete foundation slab design walls
A permanently protected
concrete foundation

Remember, you only get one chance to protect your home right the first time. Do it right, do it once, do it foreverů with !


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