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Concrete Pumping
Concrete pumping is the pouring of concrete from a concrete pumping truck into the form. Concrete pumping is a key part of home construction. The pumping of concrete into forms must be done carefully. Maintaining an even distribution of he concrete during concrete pumping will help limit segregation. In addition, during the concrete pumping phase, the slump from different concrete pumping trucks can also affect the foundation.


Concrete Pumping Checklist
Before pumping concrete, a pre concrete pumping inspection should be conducted. Listed are some potential concrete pumping problem points to check for:
  • Before concrete pumping begins, check all concrete pumping equipment

  • Before pumping the concrete, double check all measurements

  • Before pumping the concrete check for level and square walls

  • Before concrete pumping, if required by local building codes, ensure all reinforcing steel has been inspected

  • Before concrete pumping, ensure sleeves, fasteners and braces are attached

  • Before concrete pumping, ensure floor decks are in place

  • Before concrete pumping, check forms for irregularities that can affect the pumping of concrete

  • Before pumping the concrete, ensure you have the correct concrete pumping slump


Concrete Pumping and Waterproofing
concrete pumping tools
Once concrete pumping is complete and the forms used during concrete pumping are removed, waterproofing is next. After pumping the concrete allow about 7-days to cure. However, this rarely happens. Using spray-on-coatings after pumping the concrete can seal in moisture and slow and weaken the foundation. Using protecting concrete pumping after pumping the concrete allows the foundation to properly cure while keeping moisture out.


Concrete Pumping Pictures
concrete pumping truck
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tri state concrete pumping
Pumping concrete into a concrete mixer at the concrete plant
nichols concrete pumping
Concrete Pumping Truck Being Loaded
conco concrete pumping
Concrete Pumping Truck Being Loaded2
maryland concrete pumping services
Concrete Pumping Truck Full View
h&h concrete pumping
Pumping Concrete
ralphs concrete pumping
Concrete Pumping Team in Action


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