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Concrete Finishing
concrete finishing jobs
Concrete finishing is creating a concrete surface of a desired texture and hardness. Concrete finishing can be strictly functional or decorative as well. When concrete finishing, the final texture, hardness and joint pattern depends on the concrete's end use. With exterior concrete slab finishing, you should provide a texture that will not be slippery when wet.


Concrete Finishing Tips
 concrete finishing class
  • From the time concrete for your concrete finishing project was batched to the time of delivery should not exceed 1 hour. Unloading the truck should not exceed 30 minutes

  • Place the concrete, for concrete finishing, as close as possible to its final destination

  • Time is a factor in concrete finishing. Don't waist any time getting the concrete laid out, rodded off and tamped

  • Strikeoff or screed the concrete as close as possible to its final concrete finishing plane

  • During concrete finishing, don't tamp high slump concrete

  • Bull Floating should be finished before excess moisture or bleedwater appear on the surface

  • Joints should be cut at least the slab thickness

  • Don't fresno the slab right after screeding. Bleedwater and air trapped beneath the surface of your concrete finishing can create blisters that can break or create a weakened concrete finishing plane that causes sheet delamination

  • Concrete finishing shouldn't be done when there is bleedwater on the surface.

  • Don't drive on a new concrete finishing for at least seven days

  • Owners should not use salt on there concrete finishing during the first winter


Curing for Concrete Finishing
finishing a concrete slab
Curing for concrete finishing is one of the most important steps in concrete construction however, it's one of the most neglected. Hydration is the chemical reaction of water with the concrete mix. It's what hardens the concrete and helps give it strength. Effective curing is absolutely essential for strength and resistance to freeze and thaw cycles. Protection against freeze and thaw cycles will length the life of your concrete finishing.


      Curing for Concrete Finishing in Warm Weather
      concrete pouring finishing
When curing concrete in warm weather it is important to keep the concrete moist for a minimum of 3 days but a suggested 7 days


      Curing for Concrete Finishing in Cold Weather
      concrete floor finishing
When curing concrete in the wintertime you must protect your concrete finishing from freezing. it also helps to keep the forms on as long as possible.


7 Basic Steps to Concrete Finishing
 concrete finishing hand tools
When you are ready to start your concrete finishing project ensure you have the necessary concrete finishing equipment in advance. This will save time later.
Concrete finishing step 1 - Get the concrete poured and laid out as fast as possible.

Concrete finishing step 2 - Start Tamping the concrete to force excess moisture to the top.

Concrete finishing step 3 - After tamping, the concrete will bleed. Bullfloat once the bleeding minimizes. While Bullfloating, your helpers can edge perimeters of the slab with a concrete finishing tool called a Walking Edger

Concrete finishing step 4 - When edging, be careful not to push the edge down. If the edge has been pushed down bring it back using a magnesium float.

Concrete finishing step 5 - Install the control joint using a jointer.

Concrete finishing step 6 - Fresno the entire surface, smoothing out any Joint and Edger marks.

Concrete finishing step 7 - Use a Walking Trowel, for a smooth finish. Touch up any blemishes.

Water twice a day for 3-7 days to help with curing process. Or use a sealer or soak burlap sacks and place them over the concrete.


Protecting Concrete Finishing
oncrete finishing technique
Once your concrete finishing is complete, you'll want to protect and preserve your concrete finishing. There are a couple of ways, such as a concrete sealer. A concrete sealer is good for surface moisture however, it cannot protect your home against the constant bombardment of capillary rise, hydrostatic headwater pressure and freeze and thaw cycles. Products such as concrete finishing tools power trowels dimpled membrane provide the necessary protection for your concrete finishing whether it's a concrete slab or a concrete foundation wall. Using concrete finishing machines under your slab protects against capillary rise and moisture seepage. When installed on your foundation wall it eliminates 100% of hydrostatic headwater pressure off the face of the wall. In both cases, finishing concrete floors air gap provides a buffer and protection from freeze and thaw cycles while providing a drainage path for moisture. In addition it bridges cracks, gaps, voids and allows your home to settle without affecting performance.


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