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Poured Concrete Foundations
 concrete foundations foam forms
There are 2 basic types of concrete foundations. They are; concrete block foundations and poured concrete foundations.
  • Concrete block foundations are foam blocks that are stacked into place. The foam blocks are then filled with concrete.
  • Poured concrete foundations are constructed by setting in place your foundation forms first. Forms for poured concrete foundations are made from either wood or aluminum. Once in place the concrete pumping truck fills the foundation with concrete.
When constructing either concrete block foundations or poured concrete foundations it's recommended that you use reinforcing steel. The presence of reinforcing steel dramatically increases the overall strength of both concrete block foundations and poured concrete foundations.


Poured Concrete Foundations and the Curing Process
prices for concrete foundations
Both poured concrete foundations and concrete block foundations need time to cure. The suggested curing time is 7 days.
There are a few things to remember when pouring concrete foundations:
  • If the temperature at the job site is going to fall below freezing within a couple of days after the pour, blankets should be put along the exposed top of the wall for the insulation of both poured concrete foundations and concrete block foundations.

  • If the weather is very hot and dry, use plastic sheeting over the exposed top in order to prevent excessive rapid drying of the concrete for both poured concrete foundations and concrete block foundations.

  • Do not proceed with an ICF pour during heavy rain.

  • If there is standing water in the forms, drain the cavities prior to pouring the concrete into either the poured concrete foundations or concrete block foundations.
how to pour concrete foundations

information on concrete foundations

concrete shed foundations
Pouring concrete foundations
in wet conditions

The curing time for a foundation to reach full strength is approximately 60 days. Using a spray-on-coating can lengthen the time it takes to cure for both types of poured concrete foundations. It can also trap moisture inside your home not allowing it to breathe. Installing concrete foundation plans Dimpled membrane on your poured concrete foundations instead of a coating will allow your concrete foundations to dry without sealing moisture in. It can be installed safely on green (uncured) concrete foundations and will start working for you right away. In addition it lets your home breathe, removes 100% of the hydrostatic headwater pressure of the face of the wall and bridges cracks and gaps effortlessly without affecting performance.
Make the right choice for your concrete foundations.
Make the concrete foundation plans choice.

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